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Full text of "versatec :: Bulletin 636-1 Thermal Transfer Color Plotters Versacolor 2700 Series Apr1987"

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Thermal Transfer Color Plotters 
Versacolor, 2700 Series, (11 -inches) 

Now available, thermal transfer 
full color hard copy in narrow 

Offers high resolution of 300 ppi for 
smooth curves 

Full color A-size plots are ready in 
45 seconds, B-size in 60 seconds 
Produces color or monochrome out- 
put in A (8 1 / 2 x 11 ") and B (11x17") 
U.S. sizes, or A4 (210mm x 297mm) 
and A3 (297mm x 420mm) interna- 
tional sizes 

Seven dot colors and over 2048 
color shades are available to the user 
with Versatec software 
Uses both cut-sheet paper and 

Unique easy load dry ink donor roll 
cartridge makes changing donor 
rolls fast and simple 
Use with Versatec Model 250 or 255 
RGB video controllers for CRT hard 
copy and with 800 series rasterizers 
for fast vector to raster conversion 

Yearly Expenses 

■ Compatible with Versatec inter- 
faces, software and controllers 

■ AT&T TARGA output capability 

Versatec expands its offering of color 
hard copy products with Versacolor, 
a new desktop thermal transfer color 
plotter. Versacolor is a compact plotter 
which can easily be configured to A or 
B-size plots in monochrome or color 
on paper or film. Use Versacolor for fast 
output of computer graphics render- 
ings from your host computer, personal 
computer or workstation. 

Versacolor offers 300 ppi resolution 
and produces full color hard copy 
faster than any other thermal transfer 
unit in its price range. Plot colorful 
drawings, graphics, charts and maps 
that are bright and sharp. A full color 
A/A4 size drawing is ready in 45 
seconds, monochrome in 15 seconds. 
B/A3-size plots are processed in 60 
seconds, monochrome in 20 seconds. 

If E 

Unique easy load donor roll cartridge 
makes changing the dry ink donor roll 
a snap. Much easier than most other 
thermal plotters. Individual media 
cassettes store paper or film in different 
sizes. In addition to U.S. ANSI stan- 
dard A and B-sizes, Versacolor 
supports ISO/DIN output standards; 
A4 (210mm x 297mm) and A3 
(297mm x 420mm). Use paper for 
check plots and reports. Transparency 
film is perfect for overheads of business 
graphics. Images are clean, smudge- 
free and archival. Colors don't fade 

A special TARGA plotting package 
available from Versatec, allows the 
user to output images from IBM PC's 
equipped with a TARGA board. TARGA 
captures full color images, from video 
signals, which can be output in seconds 
to Versacolor. 

The thermal transfer process. 

Versacolor uses heat and pressure to 
produce high quality plots. Dry ink 
donor rolls are used to produce the 
color. This makes Versacolor one of the 
easiest and cleanest plotters to use. 

Donor rolls are covered with a translu- 
cent wax based ink. Yellow, magenta 
and cyan ink panels are in sequence 
on the color donor roll. Both the donor 
roll and media pass over the thermal 
print head which applies heat and 
melts the ink onto the media. A pres- 
sure roller is used to help press the 
melted wax ink onto the media. 

A multiple pass technique is used (one 
for each primary color). At the end of 
each pass the media is backed up and 
then passes over the thermal print 
head to receive the next primary color. 

All three passes are used to produce a 
crisp black, or if the user wishes an 
optional four color donor roll with a 
true black can be used. Users may 
purchase black monochrome donor 
rolls for fast monochrome plotting. 

A full range of color. 

Versacolor offers the user seven differ- 
ent dot colors and over 2048 color 
shades when using Versatec's Versaplot 
software. Detailed graphics, printed 
circuit boards, integrated circuits, busi- 
ness graphics, solids modeling and 
other data are more easily distinguish- 
able with color. 

Fast processing. 

Capture your color drawings directly 
from your CRT screen with Versacolor 
and Versatec's Model 250 or 255 RGB 
video controllers. CRT data is captured 
in seconds and output to Versacolor. 
Versacolor allows you to get high qual- 
ity hard copy quickly without tying up 
your terminal for minutes at a time. 

Versacolor is also compatible with 
Versatec's RPM 800 series of raster- 
izers. The RPM 800 series quickly 
processes data and removes the burden 
from the host, saving valuable CPU 
time. RPM can drive your plotter at 
full speed and produce complex high 
resolution plots. 

Special features. 

Versacolor has an operator's panel 
which includes keys for color intensity, 
enlargement and form feed. Enlarge- 
ment capabilities are available in three 
sizes: 2x2; 3x3; and 2x4. Switches 
indicate errors such as media out, 
donor roll out, jams, cover open and 

Compact in size, about the size of a 
typewriter, Versacolor can easily fit on 
a desktop. Quiet operation enables 
office environment operation. Keep it 
next to your terminal for quick and 
handy output. 


A Versatec parallel interface with 
Versatec Color Data Protocol is stan- 
dard on Versacolor. This interface 
makes Versacolor compatible with 
Versatec controllers and software. A 
Centronics parallel interface is also 

Software support. 

Integrated Versaplot software pack- 
ages are available for plotter operation. 
Versaplot Random Enhanced 2.1 soft- 
ware supports output to Versacolor from 
most popular computers. Fast 
FORTRAN callable subroutines com- 
patible with basic pen plotter routines, 
allow most user and commercial 
programs to output to Versacolor. 

Supplies features. 

Versatec supplies are designed 
expressly for use on the Versacolor 
thermal transfer plotter. Choose from 
paper or a transparency film. Donor 
rolls are available in monochrome and 
three or four colors, and are easily 
replaceable. A light on the operator 
panel will let you know when it is time 
to replenish media or the donor rolls. 
Versacolor supplies won't spill or cause 
a mess. 




Writing Method 

Thermal transfer 

Media Sizes 

Model 2756 (US 

> ANSI A-size) 

8>2x11 inches 


11 x17 inches 

Model 2766 



420mm x 297mm 

Donor rolls 

Three color 

Four color 


Yellow, magenta, cyan 

Yellow, magenta, cyan, black 


Voltage Requirements 

90-130 VAC or 180-260 VAC switch selectable 

Power Source Frequency 

50/60 Hz ±3 Hz 

Power Consumption 

600 VA maximum 

Operating Environment 

Temperature, ±5°C to ±35°C (±41 °F to ±95°F) 

Humidity 30% to 80% RH (Non-condensing) 

Standards (EMI/RFI) 

UL, CSA, VDE: FCC Class B, VDE Class B 




81 .4 lbs. (37 kg) 

Plotting Specifications 


300 points-per-inch 

Plotting Speed 




A-Size(8j/ 2 "X11") 45 seconds 

60 seconds 

15 seconds 

A4-Size(210mmx297mm) 45 seconds 

60 seconds 

15 seconds 

B-Size(11"xl7") 60 seconds 

80 seconds 

20 seconds 

A3-Size (297mm x 420mm) 60 seconds 

Plotting Image size (max.) A-size page 8.11"x8.91" 

80 seconds 

20 seconds 


A4-size page 200mm x 244mm 

B-sizepage 10.66" x 14.91" 

A3-size page 


Dot Size 

Average 2.7 X4. 3 mils (varies depending on density of plot) 

Plot Bytes per Scan 

A-size (304) B-size (400) A4-size (296) A3-size (424) 

Data Rate at Maximum Speed 

128K bytes per second (A3-size) 

Linearity of Printing 

0.5mm (0.02 mil) 

Color Registration 
(vertical and horizontal) 

Mean value X, Y <0.1mm (4 mil) 

Maximum value X Max, Y Max <0.2mm, (8 mil) 

Input Connector 

37 pin (Versatec parallel), 36 pin (Centronics) 

Data Input 

Versatec parallel differential interface standard 

Color Data Input 

Versatec color data protocol 

Specifications subject to change without notice. 

Operating Supplies 

Versatec recommends Versatec 
supplies for consistent, high-quality 
output. One toll-free call from any- 
where in the continental U.S.A. to 
a Versatec supplies sales specialist 
assures prompt delivery of quality 
media and ink donor rolls designed 
specifically for your machine. Call toll 
free (800) 538-6468. In California, 
call (800) 672-3307. 


Spare parts and recommended spares 
listing for all plotters are available 
through Versatec's logistics depart- 
ment by calling toll free (800) 538-8315. 
In California, call (408) 988-2800. 

Available Service 

Conveniently located service centers 
provide prompt, qualified installation 
and a choice of on-call or full main- 
tenance service plans. For specific 
information on service centers located 
in the United States and in other 
countries, please call your local 
Versatec sales engineer. 


Ordering Information 




C2756-VV Thermal transfer color plotter, 300 ppi A and B-size, 

Versatec Interface 

C2766-VV Thermal transfer color printer, 300 ppi A4 and A3-size, 

Versatec Interface 

C2756-CM Thermal transfer color plotter, 300 ppi A and B-size, 

Centronics Interface 

C2766-CM Thermal transfer color plotter, 300 ppi A4 and A3-size, 
Centronics Interface 

TT-PC56 Power cable 110V 

TT-PC66 Power cable 220V 

TT-MCA Media cassette A-size (8 1 / 2 "X11' 

TT-MCB Media cassette B-size (1 1 " x 17") 

TT-MCA4 Media cassette A4-size (210mm x 297mm) 
TT-MCA 3 Media cassette A3-size (2 97mmx420mm) 

Paper stacker 


Head cleaner 


Ink donor roll cartridge tray 

TT4908-CS A-size paper, 500 sheets/ream, 4 reams/carton 
TT491 1 -CS B-size paper, 500 sheets/ream, 4 reams/carton 
TT49A4-CS A4-size paper, 500 sheets/ream, 4 reams/carton 
TT49A3-CS A3-size paper, 500 sheets/ream, 4 reams/carton 
TT4908-CC A-size film, 100 sheets/ream, 2 reams/carton 
TT491 1 -CC B-size film, 100 sheets/ream, 2 reams/carton 
TT49A4-CC A4-size film, 100 sheets/ream, 2 reams/carton 
TT49A3-CC A3-size film, 100 sheets/ream, 2 reams/carton 

5991 -01 Maintenance manual 

Ink Donor Rolls TT4908-3I 3 color ink donor roll A/A4-size (4 per carton) 

TT4997-3I 3 color ink donor roll B/A3-size (4 per carton) 

TT4908-4I 4 color ink donor roll A/A4-size (4 per carton) 

TT4997-4I 4 color ink donor roll B/A3-size (4 per carton) 

TT4008-IR Black ink donor roll A/A4-size (4 per carton) 

TT4097-IR Black ink donor roll B/A3-size (4 per carton) 

Manuals 5991 -01 Operator guide 

Information to Specify 
When Ordering 

■ Model number and description 

■ Supplies required 

Other Versatec Products 

In addition to this product, Versatec 

■ Fast, versatile color plotting with 
11, 24, 36 and 44-inch Versatec 
electrostatic color plotters in 200 
or 400 ppi resolutions 

■ Multi-media monochrome plotters, 
handling film and paper in widths 
of 11 , 22, 24, 36, and 44 inches 




An IBM PC Interface which enables 
IBM PC/AT users to output data to 
Versatec electrostatic plotters 
Aperture Card Raster Input Scanner 
for fast processing and plotting of 
aperture card drawings 
Fast, efficient plotting software for 
most popular computers and operat- 
ing systems 

Opaque and translucent paper, elec- 
trographic film, toners and related 
electrographic supplies 
Narrow plotter cleaning kit 
On-line controllers for most popular 

Input/output multiplexers for shar- 
ing resources 

Remote printing and plotting 

Remote and off-line plotting work- 
stations for local graphics manipula- 

RGB Video Controller allowing 
color video images to be output 
as hard copy on Versatec printer/ 

A family of high speed controllers 
(Raster Processing Machines) that 
reduce the burden on the host 
computer by off-loading data 
ordering and rasterization. 

Versatec Headquarters 
2710 Walsh Avenue 
Santa Clara, CA 95051 
Telephone (408) 988-2800 
TWX: 910-338-0243 
Telex 334421 

Call toll free (800) 538-6477 
In California, call (800) 341-6060 

Versatec (SA) Belgium 
Telephone: 32-2-771-9907 

Versatec Canada Headquarters 
Telephone: 416-494-8204 

Versatec Electronics Ltd. U.K. 
Telephone: 44-635-517200 

Versatec France 
Telephone: 33-1-6446-1414 

Versatec GmbH Germany 
Telephone: 49-89-61003-1 

Versatec (BV) Netherlands 
Telephone: 31-3406-64504 

Fuji-Xerox Japan 
Telephone: 81-3-342-7481 

Versacolor, Versaplot software, RPM and Versatec are trademarks of Versatec, Inc. Xerox is a trademark of XEROX CORPORATION. IBM is a trademark of IBM. 
TARGA is a trademark of AT&T 

Bulletin No. 636-1 April 1987 Printed in U.S.A.